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RStudio with Version Control

RStudio can be used with Git or SVN. For today’s lesson we’re going to be using Git with your new GitHub accounts.

Some things to remember about the platform

  • You can pull other GitHub repositories using git clone via the RStudio terminal.
  • Your local commits are not sent to GitHub until you initiate the repository with your GitHub username and password.


  1. Create a GitHub Repository
  2. On your local computer, create a directory called ~/github and change into that directory
  3. Open RStudio and start a new Project: File > New Project > Version Control > Git. In the repository URL paste the URL of your new GitHub repository
  4. Save your new git repository to the newly created ~/github directory.
  5. Open the directory in RStudio and set the project folder as the workspace.

R Markdown

  1. Create a new .Rmd format file.
  2. Set the parameters (e.g. HTML, PDF, etc)
  3. Create an code block and specify the language, e.g.

Workflow R

R has many projects which deal with workflows

We’re going to talk about the workflowr and drake

  1. Install Packages and depends
  1. Follow instructions for building a workflowr website
  2. Follow instructions for building a drake workflow

Self Paced

rOpenSci is a leader in the development of reproducible research. There are hundreds of repositories to explore for examples of research using R.

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