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Discovery Environment - Data Management


DE Basics Walkthrough


Data Window

  • Open the data window and upload a file:



Using metadata in the DE



Advanced Metadata Usage

The Data Commons provides advanced metadata features in the Discovery Environment, including:

Exercise: - Open the DE - Apply a Plant Ontology template to a folder. - Apply an ontology term to a file or folder.

Exercise: 1. Copy the B123 file to your home directory - Using icommands:

$ icd /iplant/home/$username
$ icp -r /iplant/home/rwalls/B123 B123
$ ils
  • In the DE:
  • create a folder in your home directory called B123
  • Move into B123
  • Upload >> Import from URL…
  • paste each of the URLs below into a slot. This must be done in two batches.

2. Apply metadata - In the DE apply the DE apply metadata to the contents of B123

  • Browse to B123
  • View the metadata for one of the files using the Metadata menu or the three dots (it should be blank)
  • View the contents of the file Rice_metadata.csv
  • Browse back to your home directory
  • Check the box next to B123
  • Select Metadata > Apply Bulk Metadata
  • Select the file B123/Rice_metadata.csv
  • Browse back to B123
  • View the metadata of the different files in the directory

3. Advanced search - Click on the search magnifying glass - Click + - Change File Name to Metadata - Under Attribute, type treatment, under Value type cold - Hit Search

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