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Note: Times are shown in Arizona Time GMT-7 (same as Pacific Daylight Time until November)

Date (Week) Time Activity (Instructor) Content Expected Outcomes
July 28th | 30th (Week 0 - Onboarding) Tuesday 11:00 am | Thursday 1:00 pm Welcome (Swetnam) Overview of Code of Conduct, Course Materials, and logistics  
  Tuesday 11:30 AM | Thursday 1:30 PM Discussion: What is Open Science? (Merchant) Overview of CyVerse mission Understand why we teach FOSS
  Tuesday 12:00 PM | Thursday 2:00 PM Setup profile and accounts (Swetnam) QUBES Hub Faculty Mentoring Network, CyVerse, Slack Get familiar with our virtual platforms for learning and creating material
  Tuesday 12:30 PM | Thursday 2:30 PM CyVerse Walkthrough (Cooksey) Navigating the Portal, Discovery Environment, Data Store, and other platforms Optional: Launching executable and interactive apps. Add a tool and app
    Homework for Week 1 Introduce yourself via QUBES Profile Learn about how to navigate and operate on the QUBES website

Date (Week) Time Activity (Instructor) Content Expected Outcomes
1 August 11 11:00 am | August 13 1:00 pm Key Concepts: Communication & Documentation (Swetnam slides) Using tools like Slack, Medium, Twitter Project management tools, and public relations with social media.
  11:45 am | 1:45 pm onward Breakout Sessions Communication & Project Management Tools Discuss how you can use GitHub, Websites, and Project Management Tools to empower your open-science lab

Date (Week) Time Activity (Instructor) Content Expected Outcomes
2 August 25 11:00 am | August 27 1:00 pm Essential Skills Starting with key concepts of Linus command line and Git  
    Key Concepts: Linux (Swetnam) GitPitch link Why Linux, Version Control, Containers Understanding what open source sofware means to open science
  13:00-14:00 The Research Object I: Introduction to GitHub (Balk)   a basic understanding of git
      Optional: Command Line Refresher Basic navigation and file manipulation
  09:20-10:00 FAIR Data Principles (Walls) Metadata, standards, licensing, legal, and ethics Be able to find standards for your data, choose a license

Date (Week) Time Activity (Instructor) Content Expected Outcomes
3 September 8 11:00 am | September 10 1:00 pm Planning Your Open Science Lab Making collaboration and project management efficient  

Date (Week) Time Activity (Instructor) Content Expected Outcomes
4 September 22 11:00 am | September 24 1:00 pm Data Management Overview Organization, Sharing, Metadata Understand why you need data management
    Data Management Plans (Walls) Writing a Data Management Plan Learn how to write an excellent DMP!
    Data Management Tools (Walls) Open Science Framework,, CyVerse DataCommons Be able to work with data management tools

Date (Week) Time Activity (Instructor) Content Expected Outcomes
5 October 6 11:00 am | October 8 1:00 pm Reproducible Research: Basics Turning tools into a workflow  
    Introduction to Cloud and HPC (Swetnam) OpenScienceGrid, XSEDE, HPC, Commercial Services  
    Reproducible Research I : Launching VMs (Williams) Launch a virtual machine in Atmosphere and provision it  
    Reproducible Research II: Provisioning, GitHub and Licensing (Williams)    

Date (Week) Time Activity (Instructor) Content Expected Outcomes
6 October 20 11:00 am | October 22 1:00 pm Reproducible Research: Containers Developing and using your tools on any platform Basics of Docker, creating your own containers
    The Research Object I: Introduction to Containers (Cooksey) Intro to BioContainers, Docker, Singularity, and Kubernetes Search for, locate, and launch a container anywhere
    Reproducible Research III: Containers and workflows    
    Reproducible Research V: Build your own Containers (Williams, Swetnam) Basics of Docker, creating your own containers  

Date (Week) Time Activity (Instructor) Content Expected Outcomes
7 November 3 11:00 am | November 5 1:00 pm Reproducible Research: Continuous Integration Making things reliable and automated  
    Reproducible Research IV: Computational Notebooks in CyVerse (Tuteja) Connecting your work in CyVerse VICE Learn to create a VICE app

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