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Meghan Balk, Postdoctoral Researcher, BIO5 Institute |

Amanda Cooksey, Science Informatician, CyVerse |

Eric Lyons, CyVerse Co-PI and UA Science Lead |

Michael Mandell, Lecturer in Business Communications, Eller College of Management |

Nirav Merchant, Data Science Director |

Sateesh Peri, Ph.D. Candidate, Plant Sciences University of Arizona |

Tyson Swetnam, Research Assistant Professor, University of Arizona |

Reetu Tujeta, Science Informatician, CyVerse |

Ramona Walls, Research Assistant Professor, University of Arizona |

Jason Williams, Training Lead, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory |


TJ Lippincott

Ryan Bartleme

Alex Bigelow

Alise Ponsero

Gustavo de Oliveira Almeida

CyVerse Staff

Shelley Littin Coordinator, Marketing & Communications |

Tina Lee, User Engagement Officer |

Mary Margaret Sprinkle, Assistant Director Finance & Management |

Mariah Wall, User Interface and Application Developer |

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