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Open Science Introductory Activity

Presentation: What is Open Science?

Open Science Introductory Activity

  • Introductions in pairs.
  • Describe your work or research area and draw a picture of the other person’s research.

Planning your own Open Science lab

  • Download a copy of the template
  • Rename the file replacing “template” with your name.

Day 1

Question - Communication

Knowing your work style, how do you think you will be most productive in a team?



Question - Collaboration

How might you use a team charter in your work?


Create a Charter that has:

  • Start and End Dates
  • Project Description
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Project Justification
  • List of Deliverables
  • Approach
  • Success Criteria
  • Key Assumptions

Discussion - Project Management

Imagine you are managing a medium-sized project with collaborators in three different locations. Describe how you would use technologies like GitHub, Gitter, Slack, Wikis, or Jira to manage your project.

Day 2

Question - Project Management

How could you combine R and GitHub to manage your project?

Discussion - Project Management

Describe how you could use R to make your research more reproducible. Include specific examples from a project you are working on.

Discussion - Data Management

List two specific ways (i.e. related to an actual project you are working on) in which you could use command line skills to improve your productivity.

Day 3

Question - Collaboration :class: admonition-question

Which CyVerse features would make collaboration easier for you?

Discussion - Cloud Computing

Describe a situation in which you would use cloud computing or HPC to scale your research?

How would you go about setting up the solution?

Day 4

Question - Data Management

How would you use the CyVerse Data Store to manage the data for a complex, distributed project?

Question - Data Management

What is some element of a data management plan that you had not thought of before today? How would you make a plan for this element?

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